printmaking, wampus style

We've built a studio-ish into our little farmhouse, while it's not perfect, it's just what we need...for now *cue ominous music*

In our studio we're able to produce screen printed tees and relief prints. Our system let's us curate the process from start to finish, 

putting all the finishing touches on the design itself and everything else in between. From the textures to the color match, we're on it. 


sometimes we like to flirt with 'fine art' and dive real deep into the conceptual duality (or dichotomy, take your pick) of the essence that is of the sensory of the....of the...oh man, forgot where I was going with that. 


We're in the business of small batch screen printed tees. from start to finish each tee is printed by us in our studio on bella + canvas unisex shirts; that is until we figure out how to sew and then we're in business!