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strange + wonderful illustrations

With our powers combined, we are Captain Planet. Wait, that's not right? Let's try that again. With our powers combined, we kick major butt at drawing things and making those things look great. Whether it starts with pencil to paper or is straight digital from the start, our work is definitely two parts strange + wonderful. To learn more about our process, follow the button down the rabbit hole. 


hand pulled prints

Any printmaker will tell you, that at it's heart printmaking is all about the process. And yeah, that can probably be said about most things, but this is like the gospel of putting ink to (insert favorite matrix). From start to finish we're working with screens, wood, and linoleum to create original pieces with charm. We strive to make prints that are creative, witty, and just down right pretty. To learn more about how we haphazardly put together a printmaking studio in our tiny farmhouse, follow the button, for treasures lie ahead, arghh! 



While we mostly stay local to our lovely NC triangle, we do tend to venture out every so often. Wanderers at heart, we like to spread our furry toes, check out new places and make new friends.

If you have your favorite farmers market or pop up and would like to see our work, just give us a shout.

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Past Shows Include: 4th Annual Fall Crafted Market, raleigh supercon, Zine Machine Printed Matter Festival, Megacon orlando, The Big Crafty!, Hand-to-Hand Holiday Market, Holiday Pop Up Shop at The Asheville Masonic Temple, Porter Flea, Crafty Feast