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about us...well we're really awesome!

Catawampus Press is a crafty little print shop located in Durham, North Carolina, specializing in handmade paper goods.

Run by Logan Wagoner & Heather Filtz, each piece is designed and produced by hand in our studio. As an Illustrator and a Printmaker, our work is two parts imagination, a dash of confusion, a smidge of Southern charm, and a pinch of weird. Collaborating together since 2016, you’ll find a mixed bag of work throughout Catawampus. We find it keeps our work interesting and the prints more creative.

 While we’re not traveling or at the latest farmer’s market, you can find us at home snuggled up with our two pups and kitty (who thinks she’s a pup) watching Stranger Things or outside working on our garden.

You may be asking yourself, who is that adorable little guy to the left? Well, my friend, that is our Wampus Kitty. We discovered him while walking around in the woods behind our house. Now normally that is the beginning of a cliche horror movie, but not this time. Good ole' Wampus has become a part of our family and the mascot for our art. 

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Logan is a Dad joke extraordinaire, who can make a mean burrito and reach anything you need on the top shelf, even at the grocery store. This cool ass guy teaches Illustration at East Carolina University and is a SCAD - Atlanta Alum. When he's not saving the world by baking the perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies, he can be found throwin' it down as a concept artist at Squanch Games or breaking the world record for longest frisbee throw . He's really a true renaissance man, but like the kind who chops down trees and then builds you a house. 



Heather is an avid vinyl + plant hobbyist; but more importantly she loves all things coffee + beer, like really good beer. Like the kind that smells like a dank ass forest full of juicy pineapples and oranges. Heather is also a level 13 Print Ninja, which is like the Vantablack of black belts. She's also a professional nap taker, so you better just watch out. Holding dual degrees in Printmaking + Arts Administration from East Carolina University and SCAD, respectively, this lady can be found outside gardening her little heart out or re-watching The Office for the hundred-eleventieth time.